Year in Israel Program


How would you like to explore the land of the Bible, not in a classroom with maps, but with a pair of hiking shoes?

How would you like to learn about Yeshua in the Passover, not just in theory, but by celebrating the feast with Jewish people who love Him?

How would you like to get your head around Hebrew not just from recordings, but with native Hebrew-speakers?

Have you considered what the implications of reading the Old Testament as Yeshua read it – the Law, the Prophets and the Writings – might be?

The Bible is almost exclusively penned by Jewish people (perhaps entirely Jewish – Luke’s ethnicity is still in debate). So how are we to understand this profoundly Jewish book without seriously engaging with Israel and our Jewish roots?

We invite you to invest a year of your life to dive into the living world of the Bible with us, as we seek to go deeper in our love of God and his Word.


Students are introduced to the geography, history and culture of biblical & modern Israel through academic classes and field trips.

The Year in Israel Program consists of two semesters. A student is required to take 5 courses each semester amounting to a total of 15 credit hours per semester. YIIP courses are available on both a BA and MA level. Courses are taught in English beginning in the Fall and concluding with graduation in June.