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The course will begin on Wednesday, October 10 at 4 -7 PM (Israel time).

Course Dates:

10 Oct. Topography and Historical Overview

Beginnings: Canaanite/Jebusite Periods

First Temple Period

17 Oct. Persian Period

Hellenistic/Hasmonean Period

Herodian Period

24 Oct Jerusalem of the New Testament: Gospels and Acts

Jerusalem in the Mishna

Jerusalem in Josephus

31 Oct No Zoom Class
Jerusalem in the time of the Great RevoltSuggested independent viewing:  Legends of Destruction (animated historical drama)
7 Nov Late Roman


Early Arab

14 Nov Guest Lecturer: TBA

Crusaders, Ayubids and Mamlukes

21 Nov Ottoman Period

Outside the walls: 19th Century

Beginnings of Archaeological Exploration

28 Nov British Mandate

Archaeology under the Mandate

5 Dec War of Independence and the divided city


12 Dec Six Day War and its aftermath

Archaeology in a United Jerusalem

19 Dec Jerusalem in Apocalyptic Literature and Eschatology

Jerusalem since Oslo: Issues in Jerusalem today

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