The Jewish Roots of the Gospels (Zoom Course)



3 Academic Credit Hours (February 7 – April 11, 2022)

The Jewish Roots of the Gospels


Course will be held via Zoom on Mondays, 4 – 7 PM GMT+3 (Israel Time)


Course Description

In recent years there has been much discussion about the Jewishness of Jesus. He lived a Jewish life, in a Jewish place, taught Jewish disciples, and he said he came in fulfillment of Moses and the Jewish prophets. But there has been less discussion about the Gospels themselves, the texts which tell us about him. These documents are constantly interacting with both the Tanakh (Old Testament) as well as the contemporary Jewish literature of the day. This course will examine the life and teachings of Jesus through the lens of recognizing that the Gospels themselves are best understood as Jewish literature. Topics will range from the theological to the intercultural roots and serve also as a guide to understanding Jewish-Christian relations.

Course Structure

This class will meet once a week by ZOOM, with interactive lectures and heated discussions. All together there will be 10 three hour (with breaks) Live zoom lectures.
Recordings will be available to registered students to watch multiple times, but it won’t be possible to download video lectures to your PC. We cannot ensure the quality of zoom recordings should technical failures occur. We highly encourage all students to participate in live lectures.

Course Topics

  1. Geography of the Gospel
  2. The Triune God in the Gospels
  3. Jesus as Israel in Matthew’s Gospel
  4. Jews and Gentiles in the Gospels
  5. Women in the Gospels
  6. “Fulfillment” in John’s Gospel
  7. Jesus [NOT] as Moses in Matthew’s Gospel
  8. Matthew 27:25 and Jewish Christian Relations
  9. Jesus, the Rabbis and the conversion of the Jewish world

Instructor: Dr. David Mishkin and guest lecturers

Dr. David Mishkin and guest lecturers, the authors of the articles in the main textbook of the course, A Handbook of the Jewish Roots of the Gospels: Prof. Craig Evans, Dr. Seth Postell, Dr. Sheila Gyllenberg, Dr. Golan Broshi, Dr. Jim Sybley, Brian Kinzel (PhD Candidate), Dr. Cristian Ile, Sisi Soref (M.A. in Biblical Studies).

David Mishkin is a Jewish Messianic believer in Yeshua and an elder of HaMaayan Messianic Congregation in Kfar Saba, Israel. He holds an MA in Intercultural and Jewish Studies, and PhD in Biblical and Religious Studies. He serves on the faculty of Israel College of the Bible in Netanya, Israel. His teaching field concentration is on Jewish History, Jewish-Christian Relations, and Historical Jesus. Dr. David Mishkin has published several scholarly articles and books including, A Handbook of the Jewish Roots of the Gospels, co-edited with Craig A. Evans, Tyndale, 2021, A Handbook on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, co-edited with Craig A. Evans, Peabody: Hendrickson, 2019, Jewish Scholarship on the Resurrection of Jesus, Eugene: Pickwick, 2017, Rabbi and Redeemer: Discovering Yeshua in the Gospel of John, Cincinnati: Messianic Jewish Literature, 2010, The Wisdom of Alfred Edersheim, Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2008, The Emerging Jewish Views of the Messiahship of Jesus and Their Bearing on the Question of His Resurrection, HTS Teologiese Studies, 71, no 1, art #2881, and more.

Course at a Glance

  • Live Lectures via Zoom
  • Mondays, 4 – 7 PM GMT+3 (Israel Time)
  • Language: English

Required Textbooks

  1. A Handbook of the Jewish Roots of the Gospels by Craig Evans (Editor), David Mishkin (Editor), Tyndale House Publishers, 2021

Course Fees

  • For Personal Enrichment  – $249 USD
  • For Academic Credit  – $750 USD

*These fees do not include required textbooks

**Payment is non-refundable