Faculty & Programs


Faculty & Programs

We offer a number of programs for Israeli citizens. For non-Israeli citizens, we offer individual online or zoom courses can be taken at different levels. 

Israel College of the Bible offers the following programs : Bikkurim Certificate Program, Basic and Advanced Biblical Studies (in Hebrew and Russian), Women in Leadership, Counseling.


Israel College of the Bible Faculty, both full-time and adjunct faculty, has a wide array of expertise and disciplines, most notably in the areas of Bible and Theology, Jewish Studies, Biblical Geography and Culture, Archaeology, Practical Ministry, and Leadership and Counseling. In accordance with our mission statement, our faculty members strive to serve under the expectation of being models of Biblical character, intellectual maturity, and leadership in service to others.

All members of our faculty are believers in YESHUA (Jesus) the Messiah.

Most faculty members are Israelis, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and languages which is typical of Israel, a country made up of immigrants. This multiculturalism united in faith, colors our faculty experience at Israel College of the Bible and shapes the academic atmosphere to the glory of God. Our philosophy of education of the faculty does not stop at mere acquisition of knowledge and proficiency, but it also lovingly emphasizes personal and communal spiritual growth and maturity.