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It is hard to read the Bible without noticing the prominence of Israel, and it is hard to communicate how much difference it makes when you come and stand on this same ground, and see it for yourself. People describe it as suddenly seeing in colour after living in a world of black and white. Visiting Israel is an experience that will inject new life into your walk with Yeshua and your appreciation of his word.

“The Bible – and your faith – coming alive as never before!”
Israel College of the Bible is at the forefront of biblical teaching in Israel. It is the only Hebrew-speaking Messianic Bible College in Israel, where the next generation of leaders are being trained and sent out from. Our desire is to use our expertise not only to build the body in Israel, but also spiritually enrich our brothers and sisters from around the world, by sharing the knowledge that we have about the land, history and culture of the Bible.

We are delighted to offer tour participants in-depth Biblical teaching about Israel, by Israeli lecturers who are immersed in the Hebrew scriptures. You can explore new depths to your faith as you tour and experience the land of the Bible with our professional, Messianic guides.

– Benefit from learning at Israel’s only Hebrew-speaking Messianic Bible College facility
– See the sights through the eyes of Israeli experts and scholars who love Jesus
– Discounts available to all participants for our online courses – supplement your – study tour and receive a full certificate in Jewish Studies

Or, if you want to a bring a group to Israel, ICB Tours will work with you to develop a customized tour, tailored to your group’s unique needs and preferences while providing an in-depth study program.

Follow one of the above themes, or take a sampling of several themes interspersed with the option of hiking trails, rafting in the Jordan river, cave crawling, jeep desert tours or trying a short camel trek. Depending on the season of the year, time will also be set aside for swimming in the Sea of Galilee, floating on the Dead Sea and splashing in natural pools along seasonal riverbeds.

Join other pastors from around the world to enrich your knowledge of the geographical, historical and cultural background of the Bible while you tour. Academic lectures and time for group discussions will be included.

Come away with your church, organization or ministry team on an enriching spiritual journey together. Bond with one another as you experience the sights and treasures of Israel with our professional guides, and explore God’s Word together.