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The course will begin on Wednesday, February 21 at 4 -7 PM (Israel time).

Course Dates and Topics:

February 21 Introduction; the Biblical Idea of Messiah; Paradise lost; the hope and goal of the Torah
February 28 Between the New and Old testaments; the beginning of Judaism and Jewish theology; the parting of the ways
March 6 The New Testament in the Tanakh; the authors of the Jewish Gospels and Paul
March 13 Dallas Spring Break, no class
March 20 The Messiah in the Jewish Apocrypha, the Qumran scrolls and in the Oral-Law
March 27 The synoptic Gospels and the Tanakh; Messiah as Moses and as Israel
April 3 The apologetic and polemic aspects of the Gospel of John, as a Jewish defense for a divine and suffering Messiah
April 10 Jewish perspective of Acts: Peter and Paul; the debate between two Judaisms over the conversion of gentiles and the quest after the true way of the Bible
April 17 The Hebraic nature of the letters of Paul: A journey of a religious Jew from the Yeshiva to the Ecclesia
April 24 Passover, no class
May 1 The Epistle to the Hebrew: Christ as Priest after the order of Melchizedek; the lost tribes of the house of Israel in the Epistles of Peter and Judah
May 8 The letters of John, Revelation and the return to the Garden of Eden; Summery


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