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The course will begin on Monday, February 26 at 4 -7 PM (Israel time).

Course Dates and Topics:

26.02 Introduction; the Biblical Idea of Messiah; Paradise lost; the hope and goal of the Torah
04.03 Between the New and Old testaments; the beginning of Judaism and Jewish theology; the parting of the ways
11.03 The New Testament in the Tanakh; the authors of the Jewish Gospels and Paul
18.03 The Messiah in the Jewish Apocrypha, the Qumran scrolls and in the Oral-Law
25.03 The synoptic Gospels and the Tanakh; Messiah as Moses and as Israel
01.04 The apologetic and polemic aspects of the Gospel of John, as a Jewish defense for a divine and suffering Messiah
08.04 Jewish perspective of Acts: Peter and Paul; the debate between two Judaisms over the conversion of gentiles and the quest after the true way of the Bible
15.04 The Hebraic nature of the letters of Paul: A journey of a religious Jew from the Yeshiva to the Ecclesia
22.04 Passover Eve, no class
29.04 Passover Holiday, no class
06.05 The Epistle to the Hebrew: Christ as Priest after the order of Melchizedek; the lost tribes of the house of Israel in the Epistles of Peter and Judah
13.05 Independence Day, no class
20.05 The letters of John, Revelation and the return to the Garden of Eden; Summery

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